Various Types Of Marquees That Are Available

In case you have decided to have your event like a wedding reception in a marquee, then there are some deliberations that you are required to factor in. The first consideration to make is one dealing with the budget. This is because there are very many styles and themes to select from and this may make it harder for you. As much as the budget comes first on the list, it also has a direct impact on other plans that you have. You will require to either increase your budget or sacrifice on something else so that things work well.

There are three different styles of marquees that are used in events, especially weddings. The first one is the traditional type, and this is the one that majority of people are familiar with. This kind of marquee makes use of larger center poles and guy ropes to support the structure. Traditionally, they were made of canvas, but the more recent ones are made lightweight synthetic materials. The other kind of marquee is the framed one. This one has no guys ropes or internal ropes and therefore makes use of the space available well. This marquee, unlike the traditional one, can be put up on hard surfaces and grass because they can be weighted down with weights as an alternative for spikes if need be.

The third style of the frame tents is still new to most parts of the world. These elegantly styled and lightweight structures are designed to accolade their surroundings rather than be used as an additional room. With all the three styles of marquees to select from, each category comes with their advantage and disadvantages. For the traditional marquee, it can only be set in a place surrounded by grass. It also needs to be well maintained to retain its look.

For the third style of the marquee, it cannot be used any other apart from summer and spring events. Also, these marquees can only be sited on grass. When it comes to price, the traditional marquee tends to be most expensive than the lightweight marquees. However, the purchaser requires being aware of the extras that might be added to beef up the final bill. Such extras include the tables, chairs, dance floor, carpeting, and lighting. When getting approximate of the total amount, ask if the price includes everything that you will need for the event. It not a good idea to keep adding items as your big day approaches. Check out to know more about tents.